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The Stars Will Be Right

One of the best things for me about the Cthulhu Mythos is how adaptable it is. You can take almost any setting or genre and inject the Mythos to great effect. Unnamable creatures from beyond the pale of imagination are just as sanity-shattering to modern investigators as they were to those in the 1930s, or the Victorian era, or medieval times. But the Mythos does not belong only to the past. Clearly, since the investigators (not to mention all of human society) are still around, the stars have not yet been right, which only means that they will be in the future.

But how far in the future? Next month? Next year? Ten year from now? How about fifty or a hundred?

When I think about the possibilities inherent in mixing the Cthulhu Mythos into a sci-fi setting, my creative juices start boiling. I LOVE this idea and have for some time. Certainly, it's been done before in dribs and drabs. The movie Event Horizon is certainly one example, though the possibilities were squandered when the evil from between dimensions turned out to be just another creature to be shot at and blown up. Several manga and anime series have taken better shots at the concept, my favorite being Silent Möbius (the manga or the movies, as opposed to the TV series). But nothing has yet quite captured the near-future distopian mixture of society collapsing under its own "progress" sped along by the subtle (or overt) influences of malevolent entities that man was not meant to know ... sort of like Ghost in the Shell meets The Dunwich Horror by way of Constantine.

Well ... no one has made a MOVIE like that. But WildFire LLC has published CthulhuTech, probably the best iteration of a futuristic Mythos we've seen anywhere. And it has me just aching to follow up on some ideas I've been carrying around for year ... a laser whose very color is so abhorrent that it firing it eats away at your sanity ... an astronomical computer so advanced that it can project where in the galaxy the stars ARE right at any given moment ... and arcology built to be a giant mystic rune/dimensional gate, fueled by the despair of the people living in it ... oh, and so much more.

The stars are not right, but they are going to be. Will another few decades or centuries of progress make mankind more or less capable of resisting the call from beyond when that time comes? Are other people as intrigued by that notion as I am?


Want to learn more about CthulhuTech? Read on...

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Apr. 13th, 2011 12:40 am (UTC)
Great, I never knew this, thanks.



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